META Introduced Its New Chat Robot Supported by Artificial Intelligence America-based technology giant Meta, or.. detailed information

America-based technology giant Meta continues its innovations based on artificial intelligence. Meta company, which introduced its new chatbot with artificial intelligence support and “personal features”, aroused a new wave of excitement among users. Now everyone is curious about the chatbot.

What Features Does It Have?

So, what features does Meta’s new chatbot really include? When will the chatbot meet Instagram and Facebook?

According to the news in the American press; Meta’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg gave information to the participants about their new products at a meeting held at the company’s headquarters in California. Evaluating 2023 as a great year in terms of “artificial intelligence”, Zuckerberg stated that artificial intelligence-supported chatbots work with some “restrictions” in current conditions.

Will Have Personal Characteristics

Following Zuckerberg’s statements, the artificial intelligence compatible chatbot called “Meta AI”, which is intended to be used in the “Messenger” application, was introduced. It was stated that the robot in question will have “personal” features. In the statements; It was stated that followers could request correspondence assistance such as “ending the discussion” from the robot. The virtual assistant, which is appreciated for its usage advantages, is supported by Llama 2 developed by Meta.

Information is Provided via Bing

Meanwhile, thanks to the partnership with Microsoft Bing, real information is provided through Bing. On the other hand, there is also the opportunity to have the assistant produce visuals by giving the imagine command. In Meta AI, where a total of 28 different personalities are offered, many famous names have agreed to rent their personal characteristics to the company. Personal features of well-known people such as Kendall Jenner, Snoop Dogg and Mark Zuckerberg can be used for entertainment purposes as well as answering questions. In the first phase, the chatbot will only serve users in the USA.

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