Facebook and Instagram Subscription Application from Meta in Europe Number of Facebook and Instagram users.. detailed information

Facebook and Instagram are among the giants of the social media world with their number of users. Meta Platforms, the umbrella organization of these two platforms, is preparing to bring a subscription application to European users. Facebook and Instagram users living in Europe will be able to have an ad-free social media experience by paying a subscription fee. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in Social Media advertisements and account management, has compiled the innovations on Instagram and Facebook for you.

Meta Platforms Inc has long been fighting regional courts’ pressure on Social Media Companies. Regional courts are making decisions tightening controls on data processing. Thereupon, Meta is developing a new paid subscription plan to offer an ad-free Facebook and Instagram experience to its users living in Europe.

According to the statement from Meta, as of November, we can subscribe to social media sites for 9.99 Euros, or 10.57 US Dollars, and have an ad-free social media experience.

In addition to the countries in the European Union region, users living in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein will also be able to benefit from this service.

The subscription app was developed as a result of pressure from courts in Europe. Because in Europe, intense measures are taken regarding the collection and use of personal data.

The Court of Justice of the European Union made a decision against Meta company in recent months. The law, which aims to prevent companies from storing, processing and selling user data, was the spark that ignited this subscription system.

Will this practice, which started in Europe, spread to other countries? How will this affect social media marketing and advertising? We will see all of them in time. Keep following us to get news from the future with your Digital Advertising Agency Sahne Medya.

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