Twitter Updated its Retweet Feature

Twitter, one of the most active social media applications, has updated its retweet feature. With the new update, it is possible to add a photo, video or GIF to the retweeted tweet. The update will be activated today for iOS and Android devices and the website.

So how to add an image to the message you retweet? It's like; After quoting the tweet you want to retweet by clicking on the “Retweet with Comment” option, it will be possible to add the desired media by selecting the image or GIF icon on the toolbar.

Although seen as a simple innovation, the update is notable for its potential to significantly impact the amount of media shared on Twitter. Retweeting any tweet with a comment stands out as a common user behavior. Therefore, supporting the retweet with media is also expected to lead to a large increase in the amount of non-text content seen on the Twitter timeline.

The update also indicates that Twitter is at a different point from its goal of offering some kind of public SMS-type platform. Twitter's media support also supports features such as audio broadcast, live broadcast and live video sharing from partners. As you may remember, Twitter increased the number of characters from 140 to 280 in 2017. Now, it has become easier to follow new prototypes on the platform with the twttr application.

With all these changes, it seems that Twitter is starting to move away from being just a “text platform”. While this is expected to increase the time users spend on Twitter, it seems that this will also increase advertising revenues.

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