You Can Log In to Whatsapp With Your Fingerprint

WhatsApp's fingerprint login feature, which was activated for iOS phones, has also been brought to Android devices.

WhatsApp has activated the fingerprint technology that Android phone users have been waiting for a long time. With the new feature, users who want to log into WhatsApp will now have to provide their fingerprint. This will be valid for users who activate their fingerprint.

On the other hand, WhatsApp Android application can lock automatically even when the device is not locked. To do this, you need to go to the Privacy section in the Application settings, select Fingerprint lock, and then specify instant, 1-minute or 30-minute waiting times when unlocking.

When the fingerprint lock is active, you can also choose to show the sender and content of WhatsApp messages in notifications. If this feature is active, the content of your messages can be previewed by other users even if WhatsApp is locked.
On the other hand, facial recognition technology, which is active on iOS, is still not active on Android devices.

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