Facebook is Moving to New Interface Change

Facebook Grew, Lost Its Popularity

Many people wonder, 'Is anyone still using Facebook in this day and age?' Even though Facebook is still a big brand and has hundreds of millions of users. It was a first in the field of Facebook and it is out of the question for firsts to be forgotten. Although it has grown considerably by acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook's popularity has decreased, but seeing its name when entering these platforms shows that Facebook is the 'big brother'.


Facebook Interface is Renewed on September 1

Having resisted changes and transformations for a long time, Facebook decided to renew its interface when it started to lose its popularity. As of September 1, Facebook's old interface will be history. When users enter Facebook on this date, they will encounter a brand new face.


It Does Not Address Generation Z

Experts are undecided about whether this change will fix Facebook's lost image. Many people find this difficult. Because most of the users have shifted to Instagram and it is very difficult for Facebook not to return to its old glory days. Facebook is making this update because it has to, and its main goal is to strengthen its brand value. Although these innovations are necessary, it is unlikely that they will recapture the young segment called Generation Z.

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