Step Back to WhatsApp Privacy Agreement

WhatsApp, the messaging application widely used in the world and in our country, imposed a new contract on its users in the past months. The application, which demanded that sharing of personal data be allowed, otherwise the use of WhatsApp would be limited, took a step back after the harsh reactions of the users. WhatsApp, which decided to postpone until May 15, had to step back again. Here are the new statements of the administrators of the WhatsApp application affiliated with Facebook regarding the contract:

Why Are Users Reactive to WhatsApp's Agreement?

We can say that WhatsApp is actually very sensitive about protecting our personal correspondence. It uses effective encryption methods and ensures the confidentiality of our personal communications. However, it decided to make some changes to the existing privacy agreement in order to provide more data to business accounts. This new contract, which was intended to provide companies with information about our consumption habits and help with digital marketing strategies, was met with very harsh reactions from users.

An important aspect of user reactions was that the contract in question was only obligatory for citizens of some countries. While it was not obligatory for European countries, the threat of suspension of WhatsApp accounts of users in Turkey if they did not accept this agreement caused great outrage.

WhatsApp, which pointed out May 15 as the date for restricting the application experience and suspending accounts, had to take a step back again because the users' opinions and attitudes on the issue did not change.

Here is the Statement from WhatsApp

The company made a statement that no one's account will be deleted or some functions will be blocked as of May 15, and underlined that they will make reminders about the contract during this period.

It was also reported that the warning regarding the approval of the contract will become permanent over time and some functions of users who do not approve will be restricted.

What Happens If We Do Not Approve WhatsApp's Privacy Agreement?

First, you will be blocked from accessing your chat list. However, you will be able to answer voice and video calls for a while longer. Even if the limited use does not continue for a while, if you do not approve it, your use of WhatsApp will be blocked sooner or later.

Why Does WhatsApp Resist the Privacy Agreement?

Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, purchased WhatsApp for a large sum of 19 billion dollars as a result of a large investment. However, as a result of this expensive investment, it was difficult to find a suitable method to generate income. The only way to make big money through this free-to-use application is to provide commercial data to companies. That's why WhatsApp insistently imposes this contract on its users.

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