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Instagram started testing a new feature that will increase the satisfaction of its users. This new feature aims to make it easier for users to follow each other.

In recent years, Instagram has had to fight against a major rival like TikTok and is constantly innovating for this. Instagram, which still maintains its position as the most popular social media application thanks to these new initiatives, recently started testing the post sharing feature for desktop. Now it has started testing a new feature for mobile users.

A New Arrangement in the Follow Button

A new regulation is about to come that will make it easier for users who use more than one account on Instagram to follow each other. Under normal circumstances, when a user wanted to follow another account from a page they managed, they had to switch from their current account to the other account.

However, with this new feature, which will be available soon, when you send a follow request to someone through an account, you will be allowed to choose one of your two accounts. This will prevent you from wasting time switching between accounts.

Like many features currently in the testing phase, Instagram has not even offered this as a beta yet. Therefore, there remains uncertainty about when everyone will be able to use it.

Instagram hosts many professional business accounts as well as individual users. As such, businesses have to manage their Instagram accounts seriously and professionally. If you use Instagram as a store where you can sell your products and want to increase your number of followers, you can use Instagram as a store where you can sell your products. You can review the article.

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27-05-2021 07:34:08

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