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The fact that WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging applications, can be used without the internet created excitement. The details of the news prepared for you by Sahne Media editors, who keep their finger on the pulse of technology and the digital world, are as follows:
The most anticipated feature in the new Android beta update of WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, was the multi-device feature. In this new version, it will be possible to use WhatsApp from other devices even if the main device is not connected to the internet.
With WhatsApp's Android beta update, the application updated its version to and revealed a surprising development regarding the multi-device feature that has been talked about for a long time.
Although the feature is hidden by codes for now, it is thought that the multi-device feature will be offered to users in the very near future.
In the post made by WABetaInfo, which examined WhatsApp's codes, it seems that the developers are determined to keep the new generation multi-device feature in beta for a while. At the end of the beta process, which will be carried out together with the users, all users will be able to use this feature freely.

How Will WhatsApp Be Possible Without Internet?

Under current conditions, WhatsApp's multi-device feature can be used if the main device to which the account is connected is connected to the internet. In the new generation multi-device feature, WhatsApp will be able to work independently of the main device. This provides great convenience for WhatsApp users. In this way, a user will be able to use other devices that he can connect to his main account independently of the others.
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01-07-2021 14:26:32

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