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Popular Social Media and entertainment platform TikTok uses very successful artificial intelligence algorithms. And now it can be distributed to companies that want it through this artificial intelligence licensing method. BytePlus platform will follow these licensing processes. The details of the news prepared by the editors of Sahne Media, your closest solution partner in the digital world, are as follows:

The biggest factor in the TikTok application reaching the point it has reached today was the perfect functioning of its artificial intelligence discovery and recommendation algorithms. While global operations were transferred to the Oracle and Walmart partnership, ByteDance remained with the company. Now these technologies will also make money.

BytePlus Licenses Are Coming

BytePlus, a new department established by ByteDance, will deal with the licensing of the artificial intelligence algorithms used by TikTok. BytePlus, headquartered in Singapore, is a multinational structure with offices in Hong Kong and London. Along with the TikTok application's successful and trouble-free discovery and recommendation engines, visual information technologies, automatic text translations and real-time effects can also be licensed and made available to other companies. In this way, ByteDance will provide a large amount of money flow.

BytePlus has already gained important customers following this development. US fashion app Goat, Indonesian travel site WeGo and e-commerce site Chilibeli have already started using BytePlus' artificial intelligence technologies.

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