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Here is the answer to the question everyone is wondering about

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, who has attracted attention with his recent statements, explained the way Instagram algorithms work, which users have been wondering about for a long time. Here are the passwords Mosseri gave us:

There are many discussions about the Instagram application, which is used by more than a billion people from all over the world and even those who do not use it have information about it. One of these is how and on what basis the posts that appear on the Explore page are determined. Almost all of us know that this is determined by an algorithm. However, how this algorithm works is unknown to most of us. In a blog post he published, Adam Mosseri shared the working principles of this algorithm with us.

Adam Mosseri stated in his article that they benefited not from a single algorithm but from many algorithms at the same time, and explained that thousands of data received from users were evaluated and thus the explore and flow page was shaped. As you know, we do not have the chance to see even half of the posts on our feed page.

How Does the Algorithm Decide Which Instagram Posts We See?

Instagram determines our post flow by taking advantage of the common results of many algorithms, each created for different purposes. Some of the important criteria in which post we see include factors such as the popularity of the post, the compatibility of the sharing account with the user account, the user's liking habits, the accounts with which we interact in common, and which accounts are hidden. These algorithms shape their results solely and exclusively with the data coming from users. So everything you do on Instagram seems to echo in eternity and determines what is shown to you.

Adam Mosseri also underlines that the data provided by users is not sufficient on its own to determine the posts to be displayed. There is also a side of the business that is carried out by predictive algorithms. These predictably highlight posts that users might interact with and show them to you. Of course, this situation happens hypothetically.

If you are wondering why you persistently encounter images that you do not like, share or save in any way and want to open a clean page on your Instagram account. It may reset your Explore page and you can start all over again.

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