Delightful feature in WhatsApp Group Calls

WhatsApp, which is at the top of the mobile application world, especially among instant messaging applications, has introduced a new feature that will allow us to never miss group calls again. The details of the news prepared by the editors of Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in areas such as SEO, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media consultancy, Graphic Design, are as follows:

In the statement made by WhatsApp administrators on the blog, the following sentence stood out: “We are making available the ability to join a group call even after you start it.” The speech emphasized that it is a great feeling to get together with friends and family members at a time when most people are apart from each other, and underlined how bad it feels to miss such a group call and therefore a special moment.

WhatsApp administrators stated that they are working to make group calls, which are increasing in popularity day by day, better, but while doing this, they do not neglect to ensure the security of the end-to-end encryption method.

It will now be possible to join a group call even after it has started. WhatsApp thinks that with this new feature, it brings the naturalness and warmth of face-to-face conversations to group calls.

Reminding that the best conversations actually happen when we least expect it, WhatsApp administrators gave the good news that we can now join the call after it starts, and that we can exit and re-enter whenever we want while the call is ongoing.

We will be able to see who was invited but did not attend on the newly created call information screen.

Starting today, you can use open calls and benefit from this experience to the fullest.

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26-07-2021 07:09:47

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