You will be able to message on WhatsApp without sharing your phone number

Although it has experienced turmoil in recent years due to problems regarding the privacy of personal data, WhatsApp still remains the most popular instant messaging application. WhatsApp, one of the most important services of Meta company, continues to update itself constantly. Finally, the company is preparing to introduce a messaging feature on WhatsApp with usernames for those who do not want to share their phone number. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in the digital world, has compiled the latest developments for you…

The popular instant messaging application WhatsApp continues its innovations without slowing down. It is preparing to provide messaging opportunity with usernames to people who do not want to share their phone numbers. It is unsettling to be added to WhatsApp groups, especially where many people we do not know, and to have our phone number reachable by many people. However, this new feature seems to find a definitive solution to the problem.

The new username feature was detected in the beta version for devices using the Android operating system. WhatsApp allows you to choose unique usernames for your account. Moreover, this is not the only innovation expected. There is also a development regarding screen sharing…

Users in the test group encountered a new screen sharing feature. After pressing and confirming the screen sharing button, they will also be able to share the contents of their screen in video calls.

Although a very narrow user base has access for now, this new feature is expected to be available to all WhatsApp users very soon.

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Stage Media

02-06-2023 13:06:19

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