Twitter Reactions Will Be Tested in Turkey!

Twitter, which has a special place among social media platforms, will test its “Reactions” feature, which we can define as the feature of reacting to posts with emojis, for the first time in Turkey. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner with its experience and professional staff in areas such as Social Media Account Management, Social Media Advertisements and Social Media Content Editorship, has prepared it for you…

Twitter’s new feature Reactions will be tested exclusively in Turkey for a limited time. This feature, which will allow us to react to tweets with emojis, will be available for a short time on Android, IOS and

How quickly Reactions, which is expected to be available to everyone in a short time, will spread to wide geographies will be shaped by Turkey’s experience.

Twitter is testing Reactions in Turkey

Which Emojis Can Be Used?

Just the like button is not enough to meet all the feelings. That’s why it was decided to add a series of emojis so that people could convey their feelings simply and quickly. Reactions such as Applause, Laugh, Like, Thinking and Sad are anticipated.

Authorities say that the most used emojis in tweets are being researched and that they hope that these emojis will be used to support healthy and respectful conversations.

How Will It Be Used?

Twitter says they will continue to test emoji reactions in addition to feedback from their user community and the app’s ongoing learning process. To use reactions, the user will simply press the “like” button for a long time and choose the most appropriate emoji to express how they feel about a tweet. Twitter users will be able to continue using only the like button, apart from emojis…

Türkiye Experience Will Be Decisive

Since Twitter’s new feature, Reactions, will be available first and only in Turkey, the experience of users in Turkey will be decisive in the future of Reactions. What happens in this process will essentially decide how it will develop and how its area of ​​use will expand. It remains unknown when this feature, which can be used for a limited time on iOS, Android and, will be activated for everyone.

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