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TikTok unquestionably marked an era of the internet. This success also dragged giants such as Instagram and YouTube. Twitter, the social media platform that has been constantly renewing itself with different updates in recent days, is now preparing to join this video craze. Sahne Medya, your number one solution partner in social media advertisements such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok, announced the innovation of Twitter for you…

2021 has been an extremely active year for Twitter. Twitter, which introduced many small and big innovations to its users, from the subscription system to the feature of reacting with emojis to voice chat, had a separation with the founder and CEO of the platform, Jack Dorsey. After Dorsey’s resignation, the change in Twitter seems to continue unabated.

The next change on Twitter was actually what most of us expected. The wind created by TikTok first brought Instagram Reels and then YouTube Shorts into our lives. Looks like it’s now Twitter’s turn…

Twitter is Preparing to Fight TikTok

A recent post from the Twitter India account attracted a lot of attention. Twitter India account, which gave the good news that the testing process of a tab containing videos in the stream section has started, just like in TikTok, stated that this feature will be available for both Android and IOS devices.

Actually, the details of the new feature remain unknown for now, but we predict that the Explore tab will mostly include video streaming. However, text-heavy tweets will also continue to exist in the tab. It is not yet known when this innovation will be available to Twitter users around the world.

Will Twitter break away from its current definition of microblogging and transform into a completely video-focused platform? The development of the feature itself and its impact on Twitter is a matter of curiosity. Will the masses who see Twitter as different from other media leave Twitter after this innovation? We will experience all of this over time.

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13-12-2021 11:07:04

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