Switching Between Facebook and Instagram Will Become Easier

Meta Company, led by Mark Zuckerberg, heralded new features that will enable Facebook and Instagram users to access multiple accounts and profiles and navigate between them easily. Sahne Media, your closest companion in social media advertising campaigns and account management, has compiled innovations that will make your life easier for you.

We all have accounts on more than one social media platform. Even more than one on some platforms. It is not easy to use all of these at the same time, log in and out of accounts, remember passwords or reset passwords every time. Meta, the umbrella organization of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, is also preparing to implement a new update to facilitate the transition between Facebook and Instagram accounts.

With the expected new feature, users will be able to navigate between Instagram and Facebook accounts more easily. Profiles gathered in a single area are expected to improve user experience like never before.

All Notifications Will Appear in a Single Page

After the update goes live, users will be able to easily and quickly switch between the accounts they added to the Accounts Center. This feature, which is already possible among Instagram accounts, will now also include Facebook accounts.

After this update, which Meta is currently preparing, it will be possible to view both Instagram and Facebook notifications on the same screen.

According to Meta, this move will make it easier for users to stay informed than ever before. However, according to some, this is a new move by Meta to make Facebook, which is about to die, a part of people’s lives again.

If users have activated the double-factor authentication feature, it will not be possible to connect to Instagram with their Facebook information or to Facebook with their Instagram information on an unrecognized device.

Finally, if users have more than one account and profile, they will be able to decide which accounts can be switched between each other.

So did we really need this? Of course, being able to manage different accounts and profiles from a single point is a great convenience. However, it is a matter of curiosity how many of us still want to follow the notifications from Facebook. We will see very soon how the update will affect our social media experience.

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04-10-2022 12:09:15

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