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Popular instant messaging application WhatsApp is starting to work on its “survey” feature. It is a matter of curiosity whether WhatsApp users will also like this feature, which has existed in its biggest rival Telegram application for years. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Graphic Design and Social Media Advertising, explained the new feature of WhatsApp for you.

WhatsApp caused a significant loss of trust after the security agreement it tried to force its users to accept last year. After this, applications such as Telegram and Signal increased their number of users as a result of people’s reaction to WhatsApp and began to be known as WhatsApp’s rival. As a result of this competition, WhatsApp is trying to incorporate features that its competitors have but do not have. The new stop of this journey is the Survey feature…

Survey Feature Coming to WhatsApp Groups

The survey feature, which has been available in the Telegram application for a long time, is a useful feature in groups with large participants. When considering groups with thousands of people, the importance of the survey feature becomes even more clear. Of course, WhatsApp groups are not as crowded as the channels on Telegram, but sometimes it can be impossible to discuss and decide on something even in groups of 50 people. However, thanks to this new feature, we will now be able to use the survey feature when we want to ask something to group members.

According to information obtained, this feature was detected in the early iOS beta of WhatsApp. However, it is not currently possible to view it in WhatsApp Beta. The survey feature is still in development and users cannot access it yet. Still, the shared screenshots allow us to get an idea about the new feature.

Another thing we need to know about the WhatsApp application enabling access to the survey feature is that they are end-to-end encrypted. In other words, the answers you give in these surveys, the survey itself, etc. will only be visible to group members. Of course, one of the group members can take a screenshot and forward the message. However, WhatsApp fulfills its own security responsibility.

In the confidentiality agreement of WhatsApp, which took the agenda by storm last year, it was possible to share personal data with other Meta companies. However, since the survey contents are end-to-end encrypted, neither WhatsApp nor other Meta companies will be able to see or use your responses to the surveys.

Although it is not known when the survey feature will be activated, we cannot say that it will not happen very soon. At best, we can say that the development phase will take a few more weeks.

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10-03-2022 12:49:22

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