It’s Now Very Easy to Find Old Tweets on Twitter

A New Feature to Find Past Tweets from Twitter

Twitter makes it easier to find tweets shared in the past, thanks to the new feature it added to its IOS applications. Social Media Platform Twitter, which has been presenting new features to its users one after another in the past months, now aims to make it easier to resurface old posts with a new search engine. The editors of Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in social media advertisements, including Twitter Ads, have prepared them for you. Here are the innovations of Twitter…

Twitter, perhaps the biggest idea sharing and discussion platform of modern times, has added a new feature to users’ profiles. In this way, finding old tweets becomes easier than ever. This feature, which was added to only a limited number of profiles in the past period, has successfully completed its testing phase and is now available to all users. However, according to the information provided by XDA, it can only be used on iOS devices for now.

This new feature announced by Twitter is actually not that new. Currently, Twitter users can view past posts by a particular profile by typing their username or search term into the search bar. However, this feature, which is currently only accessible to iOS device users, enables us to do this directly through profiles. So, let’s see how we can achieve this feature.

You will be able to view old posts via user profiles

iOS users will encounter a new search tab when they press the search bar at the top right of the profile where they want to see their old posts. You will be able to find it easily when you type the tweet you are aiming to find in this tab. Even if you don’t remember the exact words in the tweet, when you use a keyword, all tweets containing that word are listed.

In this way, you will be able to easily access any content you want to find and use the Twitter library as a practical archive. You will be able to strengthen your arguments by opening the old notebooks of the people you are arguing with.

Twitter recently introduced its Super Follow feature to iOS users. Users who purchase premium membership can now view extra content. Apart from these, the Twitter Menu Customization option will also be available soon. In this process where Facebook is trying to turn into the Metaverse, Twitter seems to continue to constantly update itself.

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