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Instagram, which is accelerating innovations to compete with TikTok, is activating the ‘Post Pinning’ feature.

Taking action after users shared their TikTok videos on Instagram, Instagram started working to reduce the number of TikTok videos on its site. Due to the conflict between the two social media applications, it was claimed that Meta, which owns Instagram, paid politicians to disparage TikTok.

Meta, which could not achieve the desired result in the competition with TikTok despite all its innovations, is preparing to launch another innovation within TikTok.

With the image stabilization feature in the testing phase, users will have the opportunity to set the post they want to appear at the top of their profiles. For this, click on the link at the top right of the post. You will need to click on the three-dot menu and then activate the ‘Pin to your profile’ option.

Stage Media

Stage Media

05-05-2022 10:48:19

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