Hangouts Removed from App Store.

Hangouts, Google’s messaging platform, has been removed from the App Store. Thus, iPhone and iPad users will no longer receive updates in Hangouts.

Hangouts was canceled by Google and it was announced that it would be replaced by Google Chat. Slowly continuing its transition to Google Chat, Google removed Hangouts from the Apple Store, and Hangouts is now inaccessible for iPhone and iPad users.

Google announced last month that it would switch to Google Chat as the default messaging platform. No app can be found anymore when searching for “Hangouts” in the App Store.

Google, which wants its users to switch to Google Chat, said that it will ‘safely’ move users who have not automatically switched to the Chat application. In the statement, it was noted that as part of the transition to Google Chat, all classic Hangouts applications except ‘’ will be disabled.

Those who have previously downloaded the app can continue to use it now, but there is a ‘Move to Google Chat in Gmail’ notification in the app, which will stop the Hangouts session.

The Google Hangouts Android application can still be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Stage Media

Stage Media

02-04-2022 12:20:22

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