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The pandemic process that has affected the world has irreversibly changed our digital behavior. But there is one thing that does not change in the business world. That is, people want to interact with companies in a humane and seamless way… Nicola Mendelsohn, one of the vice presidents of Facebook’s umbrella company Meta, emphasized the new trends of social commerce: Collaboration with Influencers (Content Creators), preparation for the metaverse and comprehensive commerce. … The editors of Sahne Media, your closest solution partner in Marketing, SEO, Social Media Consultancy, Digital Advertising and many other fields, explained for you the three big trends that will determine the future of social commerce…

Trends in Social Commerce

1-Collaboration with Content Producers (Influencers)

Influencers, who produce a wide range of content from comedians to musicians, from visual artists to actors, from gamers to technology gurus, from cinephiles to chefs, have the power to create an impact on the masses. These ordinary people, who have original content to offer to the rest of the world, increased their production during the pandemic period. It is estimated that there are more than 50 million content creators in the world, and they create an economy worth over $100 billion daily. Moreover, this economy continues to grow every day. The number of content creators earning 10 thousand dollars or more in a month increased by 88 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Content producers who know the language of social media well, have good relations with their audiences and have a socially respected image can influence the spending habits of the masses, as well as raise the image and popularity of the brands they collaborate with.

The majority of online consumers now trust what influencers say about a brand rather than what a brand says about itself in its advertisements.

It does not seem easy for brands that do not have a correct cooperation policy with content producers to gain a good place in social commerce in the coming period.

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2-Comprehensive Trade

Trade has long been possible on social platforms, but the Covid 19 process has not only accelerated online shopping, but also forever changed the attitudes of people who had reservations about it. People who used to search for and purchase a product they needed are now browsing the internet to discover a product to purchase.

Platforms such as Meta, Google and TikTok aim to offer a personalized shopping experience to their users. Now all stores also have online stores. Social media platforms are turning into the shopping malls of the new era. People come to these platforms to have a pleasant time and also shop here. Technologies such as augmented reality, VR and AR seem to make our shopping experiences even more perfect. Now, if a business wants to run a promotional campaign, it should not exclude any of the social platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube… Keeping up with this digital transformation is a necessity for businesses, large or small, in order to take part in the world of the future. That’s why you too can get acquainted with Sahne Medya’s marketing services. For more information click.

3-Preparation for the Metaverse

It is a matter of curiosity what effect the Metaverse, that is, the experience of being inside the internet rather than looking at it from outside, will have on businesses and what it will change in commerce. To answer this curiosity briefly, it is possible to say that this impact will be very, very large. Because the Metaverse will bring with it significant opportunities never seen since the invention of the internet. The Metaverse isn’t just a place for people to spend time with their friends. It is also a universe where they can work and produce together and where even more will be possible.

The first tools of the Metaverse have already entered our lives. Many visionary companies in Turkey have already started to experiment to take their place in this new revolution.

The creative opportunities that will emerge in the long term for companies, large, small and medium-sized businesses are extremely exciting. A brand can design digital products to promote a physical product that it will launch, and in this way, it can measure the consumer’s reaction to the product and shape it according to expectations.

Throughout history, technological, economic and political transformations have witnessed the destruction of many established things and the establishment of new orders in which the losers of the old order turned into winners. The French Revolution caused the clergy and aristocracy, whose position seemed unshakable, to lose their power and the bourgeois class engaged in trade to increase their power. Geographical discoveries completely changed the political balance in Europe. It is possible to give many more examples like this. Great transformations always have winners as well as losers. The most advantageous group to win are those who are strong within the old order but can keep up with innovation. You too must take action to take your place in the winners’ club in the Metaverse universe, which is expected to be the biggest transformation since the invention of the internet.

Sahne Media is always with you to capture the spirit of the time. The future is yours with Sahne Media, the stage is yours…

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