Big Change in Social Media Platforms

There is greater money traffic on the internet and social media every day, and legal authorities have recently turned their attention to these channels. Trades worth thousands of dollars, especially those circulating through Twitch accounts that do not have many subscribers, mobilize the authorities. There have been many irreversible changes with TikTok. The ad-supported influencer model has been replaced by content producers trying to collect awards on live broadcast, and there is nothing left to do to collect more awards. There are those who commit fraud, and those who collect donations for cyst surgery and get silicone implants in their breasts… Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in many areas such as Social Media Ads, Web Design, Graphic Design, SEO and digital marketing, wrote about the transformation created by TikTok and Twitch for you. .

Every social media platform wants its users not to get bored and to be able to constantly find entertaining content. For this, every medium needs content producers, that is, influencers. The more quality and entertaining content they publish, the more advertising revenue the platforms generate from the users they collect. This naturally brings big money to content creators who gain phenomenon status.

Thanks to TikTok and Twitch, there has been a major transformation in the model of making money through social media. In the new system, instead of buying advertisements, influencers earn money by showing off their skills in live broadcasts and thanks to gifts from their followers.

Sometimes dancing, sometimes trying and interpreting computer games, sometimes singing are the skills that creators demonstrate in live broadcasts. But now things have taken a different dimension. More and more people are slapping each other, taking off their clothes, or doing things they wouldn’t normally do in exchange for donations.

You can earn money by sending gifts to the broadcaster you want to support on TikTok live broadcast. Twitch has a subscription system. Just like on YouTube, you can use features such as subscriber badges, private chat or ad-free viewing for a subscription fee.

She Had Silicone Inserted in Her Breasts with the Donations She Collected, Saying She Would Have Surgery

The fact that donations can be collected during live broadcasts creates a situation that is susceptible to abuse by fraudsters. D.Ş. asked for donations from his followers, saying that he would have cyst surgery. It was revealed that she had silicone implants applied to her breasts with the money she collected from the publisher. Moreover, D.Ş. He also confessed.

An Aggressive Revenue Model

In the past, the main motivation for people to produce content on social media was to express themselves, showcase their talents, and receive likes and appreciation in return. However, TikTok constantly forces people to produce more aggressive, harsher and more extreme content with the revenue model it brings.

The situation is becoming increasingly abnormal. Moreover, the big money earned by content producers gives rise to a generation that emulates them. In this case, instead of a scientific and academic career, the dream of a career gained by doing more absurd things on live broadcast becomes more attractive.

How Can Cryptocurrency Flow Be Controlled During Live Broadcast?

Donations collected on Twitch were made using cryptocurrencies, making it even more impossible to track the money. Since the content on YouTube and Instagram is usually pre-loaded, it is relatively easier to keep it under control. However, on Twitch and TikTok, commerce revolves around live broadcasts, making control difficult. It is possible to transfer black money through accounts with few followers, which are thought to not attract attention. Let’s see how this transformation will affect the future of advertising and publishing.

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